Rozgar was established with a vision to network “All People” across the globe and provide them with ample and diverse job opportunities. As an extension of our vision we expanded our services to other areas of Human Resource Management thereby becoming a true value adding partner for all our clients. Our motto is to ensure client delight by delivering timely and sustained quality of services. This has been achieved by our team of experts in recruiting and managing Human Resource thereby moving us closer to our mission of being the preferred destination for human intensive organizations for their Human Resource recruitment and management needs.
“ To be the most sought after value adding partner by providing effective, timely & flawless HR services resulting in customer delight"
“ To be the preferred destination of Human intensive organizations by delivering unparalleled expertise in the area of Human resource recruitment & management"
Rozgar assists clients in rapidly and effectively
identifying, short-listing, interviewing, negotiating
and appointing candidates
contract staffing
Rozgar offers services as a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) whereby we provide HR outsourcing services to an organization...
pay roll
Rozgar acts as your value adding partner in your HR process by timely, effective & flawless processing of Payroll of your most important resource i.e Human Resource.